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Clinical Director

Stephanie A. Johnson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

I have been working as an LCSW for over 20 years. My experience spans  from inpatient mental health hospital for acute short term stabilization, adolescent residential treatment for mental health/ behavioral issues, and private practice.  The last 14 years have been in private practice partnering with individuals in working through their personal difficulties. I have a general practice specializing in trauma, from single incidents to working with those who have a history of trauma experiences. Trauma will often manifest itself in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and with the presence of flashbacks.



In conjunction with my  use of a “traditional” style of talk therapy,  I have found EMDR to be an effective treatment approach for addressing trauma.  The adaptive information processing (AIP) model is based on foundational belief that early life events set in motion a continued pattern of affect, behavior, cognitions and consequent identity structures, being held in the brain in a state-specific form. EMDR assists with shifting the lens from which we view these events diminishing the intensity of our response to the memory, providing a current age view of the events.

As an EMDR trainer for EMDR Consulting, I provide training consultation for EMDR trainees who received basic training through EMDR Consulting.  I am also an approved consultant through EMDRIA, providing EMDR consultation to EMDR clinicians working towards certification or on a case by case situation. 


Additionally in my role as a LCSW, I provide clinical supervision to master's level clinicians towards their clinical licensure.  This is done in both group and individual settings.


Stephanie is currently licensed to practice both in Illinois and Michigan.

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